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Nawa-do: The Way of the Rope

Cast glass, rope, metal, paper, marble, fabricated steel support

Hanging pieces 24”x 14.5” each, rope 4 yd; La Boda 15”x 13”x 4.5”; Silk Robe 24”x 20”x 5”; Muse 30”x 18”x 3”, rope 4 yd

Beautiful knotting (Nawa-do) or rope philosophy (Shibari) is used in Shinto temples, in gardens, in packaging food or gifts (kyofu), and even in performance bondage (kimbaku).

Shown below (left to right):

La Boda, SILK ROBE, The MUSE, Three Characters..., Black Sash, Eve's Grandmother, PROM DIVA, DENY, TINA Nutbush City Limits, The Three Musketeers and D'Artangnan

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