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 Series | Glass Volumes

Life Living Us

Tack-fused clean cut glass, miscellaneous inclusions (gold leaf, frit, metal, paint), metal straps, nuts and bolts, etc.

10" x 10" x 4½" each

In the glass books series I named Life Living Us, the shattered glass represents the randomness of life changing events totally beyond our control.

Run and Hit

It was bad timing

Me running home from school

Looking left not right

Autumn glare and Ford Fairlane

Bones remember forever

Sakura Season

Cotton candy pink blossoms

Celebrate Springtime

Picnic with Sake while

Nuclear petals drift down


Ask what happened

Wife   Kids   Mortgage   Cars   Gadgets

Credit card reflux

Beach Timeshare   Boats   Booze   Girlfriends

Bankrupt the American way

History Lesson 

Blue planet saga

Revolve and evolve repeat

Cyclical calamities

Plague war fire quake flood drought blight

A round A round A round A

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