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 Series | Glass Volumes

Four Women: Three Books

Laser cut glass, nut/bolt, interior fabricated copper box with miscellaneous objects inside

7" x 7" x 3¾" each

Spurred on by my interest in creating artists’ books, I was motivated to “publish” my writing in more sculptural terms. Having kilns allowed me produce ceramic and glass volumes of poems and stories. These books made their debut at the Fuller Craft Museum, MA.

Four Women.jpg
Four Women 2.png
Four Women 1.png

Four Women

No, I am not like her at all.

Mother was lipstick and perfume.

My Father and I were camping and

dogs. We wanted a Beagle. She

held out against us as long as

she could. In the end that mutt

went over to her side.


When I woke up in the hospital

Mommy was right by my side.

I wanted to be like her.

She could do root canal

without novacaine. My body was broken. I needed drugs

for the pain and fear. She

could not understand that.

Daddy called her mrs america

for sixty five years. There

were five of us, but it was

mostly about the two of them. They did not miss me when i

finally left home. After she

died i took her engagement ring and sold it.

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