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Ceramic Books

Ceramic, metal hinges, raku, stamped copper pages, rice paper, leather & brass hinges, stamped leather pages

Pages approx. 7" x 7"

Spurred on by my interest in creating artists’ books, I was motivated to “publish” my writing in more sculptural terms. Having kilns allowed me produce ceramic and glass volumes of poems and stories: Original Haiku poetry.

Shown below:

Nine Eleven: Four Editions, One Wave, Albano to Zappo, Treatise


Biblical Carnage

Our New Modern History

Wicked Irony


Ghastly Inferno
Useless Vocabulary
Mute Autumn Sunshine

Blown to Smithereens
Human Particle Dust Storm
Normal Vaporized

Right Hook from the Sky
A Sucker Punch to the Heart
Round One Tragedy

Nine Eleven.png
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